What would excite hundreds of thousands of people all across the world about Wake Up Now? Is it the AMAZING compensation plan? Is it the REVOLUTIONARY Financial Management Software? Is it the RIDICULOUS savings you can receive from the new HUB? Is it that they can go on VACATION ALL OVER THE WORLD and only pay hundreds of dollars? Is it the IRS DEMOLISHING TAXBOT?

Actually, it is all of these things yet none of them at the same time… Let me explain.

Wake Up Now is a software solutions company that is designed with one true goal in mind, helping EVERYONE achieve true and total FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

Wake Up Now PLATINUM subscribers receive more bang for their buck than any other program in the world! They have access to a new lease on life. Wake Up Now works like a funnel. When people sign up, Wake Up Now funnels these various products to their subscribers! When a consumer enrolls as a Independent Business Owner (IBO) they have access to

– Savings on things they already buy from places they already shop (from the convenience of their home!)

Р Wake Up Now Grocery discounts (MANUFACTURER COUPONS accepted at any grocery store)

– A tax software called TAXBOT (average users total up $1900 in DEDUCTIONS EACH MONTH of use) and by the way, it is an app for your smartphone, which turns your smartphone into a tax preparation tool, thus your ENTIRE CELL PHONE BILL becomes a tax write off.

– The Wake Up Now VACATION CLUB ( gives subscribers access to timeshare properties for hundreds, not thousands, of dollars for a whole week)

Wake Up Now Finance (simplifies budgeting and alerts you when you are going off track on your spending plan, in addition to helping you set goals to DESTROY your current debt)

Cell phone discounts up to 22% off of your monthly bill depending on your carrier.

Tell Me MORE language software ( comparable to Rosetta Stone, in my humble opinion, WAY BETTER)

Wake Up Now NEWSTAND (three magazine subscriptions of your choice!)

Invisus Identity theft protection

Wake Up Now FREE (get up to $100 in free stuff per week! I got two $60 headlamps for $5.00 S/H)

You are probably thinking, this sounds way to good to be true. That’s perfectly normal and I felt the same way. So do your research and prove me wrong!!! I would love to hear what you come across and I guarantee I can debunk anything you find!

So now the next question you probably have, how much money are we talking for this? $99.95 per month, HOWEVER, the company lives off of the motto B3H3G3, (Bring 3 people, Help 3 people, Get 3 people)! When you enroll three Platinum subscribers YOUR MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION IS PAID FOR! When they sign up three people, your monthly commissions total $600.00 per month! 

Still hung up on the 99.95 a month? Don’t worry about it. Sign up as a Preferred Customer FOR FREE and still enjoy a lot of the benefits of the company. Did I mention you can sign up as a Preferred Customer via FACEBOOK?





What is the biggest difference between the Wealthy Business Owner and his W2 Employees? I will give you a few hints. It is NOT education. It is NOT work ethic. It is NOT any myriad of cultural, economic, environmental or personal differences. The BIGGEST difference, is what they pay in taxes…

I know what you are thinking, “Wait… What? Taxes… are you kidding me?!” The answer is NO I AM NOT KIDDING. the everyday hustle and bustle employees that are paid via W2, pay a surplus of taxes (so the government can rake the interest, which is why you get a return at the end of the year), and don’t have the ability to make the deductions that a business owner can! How is it that someone whose yearly gross income is a fraction of their employers ends up paying more to good ol’ Uncle Sam?

It’s because as a business owner you qualify for more deductions (over 75 times MORE deductions actually) than a W2 Employee. I can hear you now, “Sure, easy enough, I will start a business with what?!?! You need to have money to start your own business!”

If that is in fact the case how much money do you think it would take? $5,000? $10,000? $100,000?!?! NOT EVEN CLOSE! You can start your business for less than $100! Heck, you could even start it by SHOPPING your way in! Don’t believe me?! Check out Wake up Now Right this second! What are you waiting for?


I am not saying Wake Up Now is the right vessel for you, but we have one hell of an awesome tax software that can help you out with WHATEVER entrepreneurship you think would work for you!


What are you waiting for-